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Who am I and why did I do it?

My name is David Tierney and I have been a web designer, developer and marketing strategist for 10 years. I created Built 4 Consulants with the intent to deliver an optimal website based marketing solution for consultants, thought leaders, experts and innovators.

Why? Because I typically enjoy working with business professionals and creatives who have specialized in their area of expertise; and because my skills, experience and expertise can most benefit creating beautiful, effective lead generation websites for service-based professionals such as yourself or your business.

And because your website is the foundation and central hub of your marketing efforts. Yet building an effective website and building your client base are often daunting tasks that require a significant investment of time and energy away from the work you love and where your efforts are most rewarded.

So I built a streamlined marketing solution that integrates the latest technology, web design trends and marketing techniques – optimized to promote your expertise, capture leads and convert prospects into clients.

I build your website.

I get to know you, your expertise, and your unique offer – I love that part.  I strategize with you on how to market your offer and build the optimal website. I build your website, then guide you on how to use your website to market your business. Your needs and budget determine how much guidance I provide, how customized your website will be and how involved I am in helping to craft and select the optimal content for your website.

In the end your website is yours to own, built on top of the world’s most popular website platform (WordPress), meaning you should never be shy of support options. However I am also here for you as you need me, because busineses grow and change and your website needs to adapt with your business. And ideally you should continue to tweak your website as we learn more about what works best in keeping a steady stream of ideal, high paying clients engaging with you and your services.

Your website will be built mobile-friendly and search engine optimized at its core, and will include:

  • website page buildera powerful page-builder with extensive design and layout options;
  • social sharing tools and website analytics;
  • SEO tools and a blog for content marketing;
  • a professional and attractive design with easy and intuitive navigation;
  • “Call to Action” buttons, the ability to create standalone Landing Pages;
  • and so much more.

All to help you reach more people and convert more prospects into leads and leads into clients and customers.

It all starts with you, your expertise and your unique offer. Use my FREE Consultation Form to set up an appointment so we can discuss what’s possible for you.

David Tierney

David Tierney


Web Designer, Developer, Marketer, Entrepreneur

I’ve been providing web design, web development and strategic marketing services since 2006. Before that I spent 5 years working for Philips Electronics as a project coordinator and assistant producer of consumer and corporate multimedia CD based products.

Originally from the Washington, D.C. area I now live and work 2 hours northeast of San Francisco in scenic Napa Valley, California. I am married and the father of one lively 10 year old boy.

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